Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Of Woodward, Bernstein and Ben Franklin

I started working as a reporter in the era of Woodward and Bernstein, All the President's Men, Watergate and Deep Throat ... entry-level reporting jobs were hard to get because lots of people wanted to be reporters. To change the world, uncover corruption, meet secretly with sources in parking garages.
The terrible hours and bad pay didn't matter so much in the '70s.
In the years that have passed, other professions (teaching) have greatly increased in salary and benefits compared to reporting. Journalism's star has fallen, and it has not been the romantic exciting profession it once was.
Until recently.
The online world that we once feared would be our demise has become our new frontier. Here's what I wrote about a recent day in the life of The Mercury:

And, here's what happened just last night in nearby Sellersville. Check out this story from The Reporter in Lansdale writing about The Ben Franklin Project, an initiatve involving Journal Register Co., which owns The Mercury.

Might not be Watergate, but we're going somewhere.

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